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About Us

The VillageCode Story

The Mission

We are on a Mission to become the leading resource for youth in Western Kenya to become passionate creators of technology and not merely consumers, through hands on social and collaborative learning of technical skills

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The Idea

“No longer shall we merely consume
we shall make!”

Village Code aims to bridge the rapidly expanding digital divide among youths in Western Kenya by teaching children (9-19 years) in villages through identified schools on problem ideation, conceptualization, design, computer programming, and entrepreneurial skills. Hitherto, the project has successfully executed Phase 1 of Village Code in one (1) primary and two (2) secondary schools within Kisumu County. The project dubbed Technovation had 55 beneficiaries (girls) working in teams of 5 who successfully managed to build eleven (11) mobile apps.

Village Code presents the teenagers and youths with the opportunity to be key social change agents through development of targeted societal challenges and gaining competitive advantage in matching the prevailing future job market demands.


Our Partners

At Village Code, we're really gratefull to the companies and organizations who appreciate what we are doing and go out of their way to support us.They help to make what we do possible.