Doctor Ngome James Shares His Mentorship Story. “I take a lot of pride in the girls!”

I first got involved with Technovation in 2016 as a ‘co-mentor’.

I was helping Christabel Achieng coach and mentor one of the teams (Lions High school). Back then, I wasn’t sure of the role I was meant to play. To make things worse, I was working as a doctor in Homabay, which is a good distance from Kisumu. This meant I could not be present for all the training sessions. Despite that, it was quite a memorable first-time experience.

At the start of the 2017 season, I felt better prepared. I had developed a great relationship with the other coaches/mentors. A group of highly skilled, friendly and dedicated individuals, who have guided me through the curriculum.

With the Kenyan doctors going on a lengthy nationwide strike, I have had ample time to focus on the training sessions. Driven by an aspiration to become a Pediatric specialist, I decided to mentor a team from the junior category (Arya Primary School).

I remember the fear I had at the start, ‘being a male mentor to an all girls’ team’. I had imagined how tough it would be to build an understanding and a connection with the young girls. Fortunately, I shook that off and we have enjoyed some really relaxed and fun learning sessions.

One of our sessions at LakeHub

I am impressed by the enthusiasm and energy shown by the girls as they work on their apps. Totally self motivated and self driven. Probably, they now know much more about how the apps work than I do. Lately, they even get to teach me a couple of the new skills they have mastered. Attentively and with much admiration, I listen to them. I take a lot of pride in the girls!

It is amazing what LakeHub under the Technovation programme is doing for young girls.

Giving them an opportunity to positively influence their societies. They now have the power in their own hands to do so.This makes me happy for my two little sisters, Barbara and Liza.

I foresee a really bright future for my daughters and many other girls worldwide.


Ngome James Baker,

Medical Doctor,

Technovation Mentor

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